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Rory Lapidus

My guess is that if you do 1/10th of the drugs slick did when she was, influenced by this, you would also probably be influenced or at least begin to admire it.

Lots of music needs to be listened to more then once to really give it a chance. Obviously if you were expecting a Jazz version of White Rabbit you would be disappointed. Grace was influenced by multiple things, including Alice in Wonderland, drugs, and other music.

Also I think people hear sounds differently, that's why you might like some generas that others don't or specific songs.

I'm not a fan of Opera, but I like Jazz and Rock and Roll. Some people love Opera and hate rock. It might just be that our brains inturpurt sound different.

I'm only responding because of the other responces that criticize you, as I don't necessarily think you were being rude, just honest.

I'm also not sure why anyone would care if someone dislikes a particular song. That's why there is so much music, and so many differnt types. Even with all the music and choices, there are some people who dislike music period.

If your interested in Jazz I would suggest trying Miles Davis, Bitches Brew as a starting off point, it's more upbeat and fun. That is if you are not already a fan of Jazz.

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This was the favorite music of my parents. This was the music played at both of their funerals.

Jade Vieilleville

Pour mon frère Brice, moi je sais que c’était au siècle dernier, c’était à l’église Saint Séverin.
Grâce, ils ne sont pas restreint comme à saint Germain.

Laila khan khan

Your parents had excellent taste in music.. What a great send off both had.. what wonderful memories... Everything Miles played was marvellous indeed... from the heavens....

Ricardo Italien

Same for me

Tshegofatso Ditshego

This what i am going to do for my father this weekend 😭😢

Lisa Madeleine Smith

@Jerry O'Shea glad to hear it. I live in Toronto but Canadians are quite respectful. I lived in London too. You are a sweet man. Take good care.

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This song is the classical.piece the kids are playing in their music class when Jack Black hears them in School of Rock. It's beautiful!

Al Cd

I never get tired of this great album by the master himself: Sir Miles Davis (he was knighted in Spain!).

Thomas Gibbons

This album was a dream as is everything Miles gave us.

Laila khan khan


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