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Natan Crisostomo

This album, is the story of Coltrane, his existential crises, you can hear it in every of the solos. his struggle, pain and resignation. He's having a conversation with his two buddies, Miles and Cannonball. Miles is a pessimistic intellectual telling Coltrane, to just accept the world as it is. Cannon ball is telling him the same thing, but in a forget about everything and be happy. But Coltrane refuses to stop asking.

joshentertainment 2

That is why he was on the album


I love your take on this, but I would argue that Coltrane doesn't give a damn about anyone's thoughts. He is pouring his heart out, to anyone who cares to listen and he seems a bit scared or reluctant to do so in the beginning, but later in the piece you can see that he is an open vessel. Miles seems to give an introduction and at the 1:56 mark, he walks away from the mic and in an unrehearsed or preplanned moment, Coltrane came alive and took flight.

Adam Cooke

Cannonball owned this song tho.

Ryan Johnson

asking what

Warren Doris

Never thought of it like that guy, but we each hear what we do thru the prism of our own experiences.

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Melendrengue Drengue

With the moon in my eyes... And a joint in my mouth.


One doesn't need weed to relax and enjoy the music.

Japanese Dynasty

I let my memories fade and my sorrows pass.

Omair Sheikh

Dammit I'm taking a t break, but this jazzy zone is tempting me!

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