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Natan Crisostomo

This album, is the story of Coltrane, his existential crises, you can hear it in every of the solos. his struggle, pain and resignation. He's having a conversation with his two buddies, Miles and Cannonball. Miles is a pessimistic intellectual telling Coltrane, to just accept the world as it is. Cannon ball is telling him the same thing, but in a forget about everything and be happy. But Coltrane refuses to stop asking.

David Bradish

In my Kind of Blue project it was all about Miles. Took me a year to learn and sing his solos. I did it in 1999. My lyrics feature what Milaes was saying thru his Trumpet. The concert and my lyrics are featured on my homepage. Look for Kind of Blue and you can not only play the 5 tunes but read and hear my lyrics. Then tell me who was saying what. davidbradish.com


@Ryan Johnson we will never know


Stop projecting...

Marc Ganancias

Damn, that's a fantastic description.


These comments are heavy shit. I need to learn so much more & listen to this stuff. It's like sonic weed.

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daniel willette

Me & my wife dance to this song in our living room in the dark all the time with nothing but the fireplace to give us light, to me you can't get more romantic than that!

courtney bedell

@McRoshiburgito pĺ


Kind of blue album




@Schuyler Colfax ¡Lo siento!. Qué cruel es la vida.

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