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"Flamenco Sketches" is a truly sublime and hypnotic composition of timeless music. The more one listens to it, the more one appreciates its undeniable power to take one to the visual tapestry of one's imagination.

In my opinion, "Flamenco Sketches" has a funereal quality to it.

The imagery that it conjures for me is of a Celebration of Life.

The Officiating Minister, Miles Davis, starts off by welcoming the beloved guests and sympathizers.
This is followed by an eloquent and spirited eulogy by John Coltrane.
Next comes an uplifting tribute by Cannonball Adderley.....with some humour thrown in for good measure.
Another tribute is delivered by bill Evans.....sombre and delicate.
Finally, Miles concludes the Celebration with some final notes of consolation as the tune fades to silence.

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I really discovered jazz, well it discovered me at a rather interesting, painful time. It was the fall of 2015, and I had just turned 18 and was starting my first semester at my local community college and my grandfather who was my best friend was living with my family because he had been diagnosed with cancer and I remember driving to my 11:20 am "History of Jazz" class listening to all my newly discovered Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and Dave Brubeck and looking at how beautiful the scenery was around me with all the leaves turning colors and falling down.

I remember just being so excited to tell my grandfather about my newest discoveries and we'd listen to them as I drove him to his radiation appointments.

Jazz has a special place in my heart and always will. Simply because of when it came into my life and the feelings and thoughts it created that I never knew I'd cherish forever.
Anyway, I dont know why but I felt like I had to share that and Im not too concerned with who reads this or doesnt. Just something I needed to do.

Ian Campbell

I too took Jazz History at my local community College in the fall of 2015. What a beautiful story.

Richard Grayer

Freaking sure pain on left side of neck YouTube

Shane Gedula

It's beautifully said.........

san tino


Bill McAlpine

@Johnny Thunder Thanks man. Thank Tiris. Be well.

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it is crazy: i discoverd this while working overseas in northern japan and taking a trip on a rainy day, i got off at an unknown stop on the train and sought refuge from the rain, so ran into a just opening bar... like old liquor and dark and that universal smell of a drinking place, and the bar keep said he had never met an american before...BUT he wanted to play all the jazz records he had been collecting over the years (this is 1988) and I was like, 19 year old, and I was clueless.... til that day. On that day, in the rain, in that awesome bar in the middle of wherever i was, in nortthern japan, I sat and heard all this miles davis and john coltrane and charles mingus, i got a 30 year education on one rainy day in rainy hokkaido sometime in June..... o wow, bringing so many muscle memories back. i then came back to the states and have always associated american jazz with northern japan, and god how i love it!!!!!! even this many years later, as today is 2019!

Will Mac

Cool story. I went to Hokkaido in '99 and stayed in some small town and have some equally crazy stories not involving jazz tho

Josef Adams

That’s a beautiful story. I envy that experience

Jonathan Stickel

What a great story. Likewise, fast forward to late Oct2020 in the mountains ofBritish Columbia about four hours out of Vancouver.The first snow is falling , it’s dead quiet in our little ex Gold Rush town from long ago.
A perfect time to listen again to the greatest jazz ever put together, 1959’s Kind of Blue. A friends mother , a lawyer and musician,put me onto this album as a kind of passport into jazz. She was right, and I have listened to this album hundreds of times since. I’ve learned a lot about this greatest of all art forms, jazz music, and it’s players and history. IMHO, it is the only real contribution to the entire world that came only from the United States and African American culture. There is no other thing like jazz . It is shocking to me that Miles Davis’s face does not appear on a postage stamp, given his impact.
Thanks for your story, it is so untypical, and yet, typical,- of the story of Jazz.

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