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Gary Freitas

There are certain albums that every human should listen to at some point in his/her life. This is most definitely one of them. An absolute masterpiece.

Steve Stalzle

An album I have heard all the way through, a hundred times, at least.
It never gets old. One of my coolest Jazz cat meetups was with the drummer on this session,.the late Mr. Jimmy Cobb​. I got to see and hear him play, but the battery died on my camera, and the only shot I got that night is a cell phone picture, of the two of us. He was a treasure. I have had the honor of meeting and hearing Jazz elders, who played with Miles and Coltrane, and Bill Evans, Cannonball, and more.

Steve Stalzle

@jim hutchison YES! For sure.

jim hutchison

i saw billy higgins ,the bluenote house drummer here in dundee scotland, was he a jazz elder ?

Otidoody 111

So true

jim hutchison

i saw billy higgins once ,in dundee scotland at the angus hotel ,its closed now ,knocked down years ago , he was /is a jazz great ,was the house drummer on bluenote for year the man wrote the manuel

Joseph Parker

Don't forget the Philly Joe. Jones musical impact on Miles


The beginning sounds like "So What" backwards! What a genius!!!

Michael B. Thielen

@Nave Netoow q

Mike C

@Frankincensed Grasshopper, you are wrong. It's not the same thing.

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