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my favorite!!!

Captain Ron

Weird fact: I can whistle this tune, note for note. I've been listening to Miles since 2009, loving it.

Carollene Sum

@lasterday e same his channel is inappropriate

Jaco Charzuk America’s ultimate Author

I like him a lot but no one beats Charlie Parker, he was a legend and a league of his own.

lasterday e

Ew I dont like yew

Jennifer G. Evans

One of my favorites

Professor Vipin

I am thinking how amazing it must have felt in the 60s to have bought this vinyl record and come home to play it on a gramophone... Quiet room with the record playing and forgetting the world around you.

Luciano Mezzetta

I thought it was normal.

G. S.R
If you want to listen to the song "Autumn Leaves" that I play with the guitar, you can reach it via the link..🍁🍁

Víctorson Armando Salgado

That's probably never it happened. Soviet cold war with U.S.A. that's tremendus time. after all, jazz could twist popular before that, also much before in 20's decade until the end for world war ii

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