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Heather Gaultier

@Davy Roger It's from a Family Guy scene. Peter's in a record store, & the clerk (who has a thick accent) pronounces Debussy like de pussy.

Peter: How's this one?

Salesman: Oh, Bach is very good. I recommend.

Peter: And this one?

Salesman: Oh, Mozart, the boy genius. The best.

Peter: Ok, how about this?

Salesman: Oh, Debussy, I love Debussy! Sometimes all I can think about is Debussy. Oh, look at the pianist! [Pronounced like penis] The pianist is so good with Debussy.

Peter: So you like his early work?

Salesman: Oh, yes. When Debussy was young, that's when you want Debussy.

Peter: Ok, I'll take these two.

Salesman: Very good, sir. Just make sure you finish on the Bach. Never finish on Debussy.

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Hardtop Harry

When I was about 15, my guitar teacher told me that Miles' solo on this track was everything a jazz solo should be. Now, 40 years later, after 1000s of hours practice, and teaching, gigging, listening, I agree.

Diane Murray

I concer

lamp light

My teacher taught me this intro on guitar 2 weeks ago, really starting to like jazz

Marcy Bomboy

My this is beautiful

Ken Kovar

@David Ferrara I think you might be missing his point!

Ken Kovar

As a jazz fan, this would be on a very short list of great albums that I would recommend to someone new to jazz and that Miles is probably the best artist to listen to!

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Joshua David Collins

Covid-19 Stressing You Out? Turn This On And Unwind... I'm an ex gang member now saved by The Blood of Jesus. Been out of LA for 4 years with my wife and 4 children in Arizona. God used Jazz to mellow me out. I have a 2 year old son and I named him Miles David. I am 33 and I AM IN LOVE WITH JAZZ MUSIC... GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ THIS...


L.A. is lost. There is no sanity. There is no recourse to reason. The medical professionals have made the entire population of Earth into drug addicts. The psych meds that were shoved down our collective throats are (1) compulsory (2) addictive (3) highly profitable only to the pharmacists and the cheating pseudo scientists. You been cloned yet baby?

Arthur Hamm

You also have to credit yourself, sounds like you ended up pretty well

Kathrine Commins

Thank you God bless you too

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