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Ripple Earthdevil

It's also the inspiration for the Grateful Dead's "Spanish Jam."


What makes it so incredible is that NO ONE is even close to doing anything this great yet so many undeserving artists are praised and recognized far more

Abrar Khan

clowns like lil pump and takeshi 69


Let's not forget Gil Evans. I bought this album along with "Kind of Blue". Didn't like either one. Then a few years later I listened again. I don't quite know what happened in the interening years, but I nearly fell off my chair on re-listening. Sublime.

Bob Djukic

The greatest Bolero this side of Maurice Ravel. What Gil Evans is cooking behind Miles Davis and how he is adding fuel to his raging fire is pure sorcery. I am in not worthy!

rosalind blue

This was a brilliant collaboration between Gil Evans and Miles Davis.

John Fight

The album is a masterpiece i was fourteen years old in 1960 and it was was the first album i ever brought. Rest in peace Mr. Davis .....

Mbaye Thiam


John Fight

It was a different time in america and jazz artists were our idols. We young brothers knew what time it was and respected great music. Our parents helped us grow and turned us on to new worlds ..

Oswaldo Goite

One of the many souls touched by the magic of Mr Davis. I wonder how does it feels discover that wonder being that young at that time... I discovered the Jazz in my twenties, and if I hadn't been listening Classic Rock, I'm sure I'd felt at that time I've been wasting my time....

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