Stella By Starlight
Miles Davis Lyrics

The song a robin sings,
Through years of endless springs,
The murmur of a brook at evening tides.
That ripples through a nook where two lovers hide.

That great symphonic theme,
That's Stella by starlight,
And not a dream,
My heart and I agree,
She's everything on this earth to me.

That great symphonic theme,
That's Stella by starlight,
And not a dream,
My heart and i agree,
She's everything on this earth to me.

Written by: Ned Washington, Victor Young

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Mazen Hamad

"Two things can slow down the Time, a black hole and Miles Davis; and I'm not sure about the black hole." Albert Einstein - blues version.


@Tom Cat AYYY!!!!!!

Lindamulage De Silva

Sandal Debris r/wOoOosH ahAhaHaHa!! Amirite

Sandal Debris

Anton Struzik r/woooosh


@Tom Cat This and OP's comment just turned my rather poor day around! 😄

Josh Charlat

Don't forget Duke Ellington. If you need examples, let me know. It happens on some older recordings which are slower. They are no longer than the technology could allow, but damn they are the longest 3 minutes you'll ever experience!

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Allen Reed

This recording may be singly one of the best jazz records ever recorded on the planet. At 1:44, when it's handed over to Coltrane, for that next five to ten seconds, it's fucking chilling.

Donald Koester

@Jordan Wolff PROBABLY because your idea of music is harsh, conflict, noise and mind blowing STRESS or even (God forbid!) all of the depravity found in today's "cool" singers and black rap music! Profanity and violence inherent! If you do not GET IT then keep moving ......

st efano

@Lorenzo Caiola bello trovare un italiano in una canzone di miles davis, sei un adulto per caso? Chiedo, perché mi stupirebbe molto trovare un altro ragazzo giovane come me sotto i video di miles davis


​@Jordan Wolff At first I didn't like jazz at all, I thought it was boring ass sleep music. But somehow it was interesting to my ear and I kept on listening very infrequently. Slowly I got pulled in. First Chick Corea and his amazing lines and technique, then Roy Hargrove's modern and satisfying bop tunes, then Charlie Parker's amazing and ecstatic solo's, to John Coltrane's hopeful and soulfelt blowing and burning. I learnt about the music's history, the racial implications, the traditions. How most tunes were adapted and played and replayed and refined and understood. How the giants could spend days and hours practising over these chord progressions to master their craft, to find their very own voice within the music. To elevate their playing and the general level by playing together and discovering new things.

Over the course of a year, I became infatuated by jazz and I love it to this day and almost exclusively listen to it just because I love it too much for anything else to get to that level. It's everything; the improvised interplay as result of thousands of hours of playing, or the beautiful harmonies which constanstly spoil your hearing by having haunting, complex, deep, beautiful, mysterious, dissonant qualities to it. The rhythmic thing as a driving force for innovation. And of course the solos: I find that closing your eyes and trying to follow the music is what really does it for me. It could be a slow melancholic version of a old popular ballad or an intense 300+ BPM rendition of Cherokee.

By absorbing the muscial timbre and taking your time to focus on the music; I often find myself either in ecstasy or in tears whenever I listen to something. I begin to hear the voice of the true musician hidden within their music: Cannonball Adderley's amazing bluesy, fast and joyful lines or Dexter Gordon's enourmous, larger-than-life, clean humouresque tone and style, or Bill Evans' introverted chordplay, or Eric Dolphy's prophetic and soulwretching bass clarinet... I have said too much. Please, do not force anything but if you are intrigued do keep listening. Because maybe it will hit you as it once did me.

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