The Silence
Mindless Faith Lyrics

You said everything is O.K.
Yet everything has me so afraid
Living is a bent memory
Fading in time increasingly
As we drink and drive and die
And kiss and cry, and dance and play
And rust away
Tears stay on the inside - alone
Millions so alone
Tears stay, on the inside - alone
Tears can't be heard anymore

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Comments from YouTube:

Moirai Appleton

I don't care if this song is old it's damned awesome :D


I happen to come across this band listening to Pandora radio. So far most of their tracks I've heard ar awesome! To bad there aren't more bands like this around anymore.

Arc Blackheart

bout time someone posted this old ass song


I had this confused with icon of coil for the longest time, no wonder i wouldn't find this song. Shit :l

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