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The Villian
by Ministry of Magic


Harry (Echoes)
Harry, you think you're prepared do you?
You think you've got what it takes?
Oh no, no, you poor simple child


You should know I've been doing this for a long time
I really have
I've been training for this


You ever get the sense that time is gaining on you?
It's like a predator - it's stalking you
Oh, you can try and outrun it - wave your wand, jump on your broom
But in time, Harry Potter, time's going to hunt you down and make the kill


You - you can't kill me!
I'm Harry Potter!
I've starred in lots of books!


Your fame counts for nothing, Harry Potter
In the end, it's you, it's me, and all the powers of hell
You can't hide - you can only die

Harry (Echoes)
You will lose everything

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