Another Heartache
Miranda Lambert Lyrics

Well you walked into my heart like it was some old dance hall floor
I should have known better I had seen your kind before
you rolled in like a tumble weed the texas wind had blown
and i feel another heartache coming on

Theres no doubt about it darlin you're the hurtin kind
like all those other memories branded on my mind
I fell right into this one you were coming on so strong
and I feel another heartache comin on
well its a shame you couldnt keep those promises you made to me
tellin me you would never do me wrong
another lesson I will learn
anohter bridge that I will burn
you're just another heartache comin on

well I guess I'll learn the hard way darlin love is just a curse
theres no sense in crying it will only make it worse
so we'll go on our seperate ways and I'll be fine alone
until I feel another heartache comin on
until another heartache comes along

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Comments from YouTube:

Tina Howard

Feel all the feels. She always writes and sings about herself. Love her and can relate to most of her songs. 💜🎤🎵

Cheryl Chavis

I'm glad that your beautiful smile is back

Makayla Jones

Hey guys this is a 2001 album 💿 from when she first got famous. Didn’t know if anyone knew that but Wildcard and the Marfa Tapes are her newest releases


This might be the best one then Kerosene and Gunpowder

Jayee Smith

She was correct.  Blake broke her heart.  God Bless Her.  I am so glad she has her smile back.

just sayin'

I don't think we should speculate about whether this song is about her x. She's happy now with Brenden, lets send good vibes her way.

Makayla Jones

This was written in 2001, she was still a teenager.

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