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Mirror Lyrics

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Nostalgia As a thirst becomes a sickness And desire is all you…
Reflections Through the mirror of my mind Time after time I see reflec…

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Comments from YouTube:


thanks for the video. its actually adviced to duplicate mirror file to /etc/xbps.d/ and edit there instead of the default directory.

Matheus Augusto da Silva

Thanks for the tip! I completely forgot about this when recording. I`ll be sure to mention it next time I do an video on XBPS config.


Nice video man , thanks! Would be cool if you could share your config file on the xfce / i3


@Matheus Augusto da Silva yes because last time i tried to implement i3 on my xfce i messed the whole thing up, would be cool to see the whole tour with shared configs!🙂

Matheus Augusto da Silva

Will do so soon! Most of my i3 config is taken directly from the i3 version of LARBS, so you can check that here:

As for XFCE, I`ll soon make a video on the theming and settings I use on the DE!


Great to see more void content! Do you have any guidance on how to create runit service for software that only have systemd service documented?

Matheus Augusto da Silva

You can check a tutorial I made for runit custom services here:
The basic workflow is relatively simple; you need to determine what is the terminal command that starts the software you want as a foreground daemon (i.e. logs being outputted to stdout). Once that is done you write a simple bash script called 'run' around it as shown on that video and symlink the containing directory to your /var/service/ directory.

Hiro Code

Great content. Thank you very much. Subbed!

Volodymyr Borys

Thanks! Maybe was better, if you tell some words about xtools and octoxbps(gui to xbps)..but it's nice too!

Matheus Augusto da Silva

You're welcome! I`ll probably get to xtools on the video about xbps-src ( I still have to play with it a bit more beforehand ), but I'll be putting up a video about octoxbps this week!

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