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04 But Baby You Don't Fool Me
Miss Sapphire Lyrics

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Animegg 123

Fun Facts to those who don’t know this songs’ origins ^^*

- The original artist who written this song is Corrine Bailey Rae.
- She made this song at least 13 years ago from today, (Jan 2021)

- And while yes, this song was indeed featured in, NOT THE FIRST, Alvin & the Chipmunks 2007 Live Action Film, but the 2009 sequel “Alvin & the Chimpunks: The Squeakel”
This song was originally created for the artist, Bailey Rae’s, debut album!! Not for the movie exactly!!

✨So please continue to support all of the artists who created this master piece and to those who decide to continue it’s legacy and greatness!! 💕

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I like it

Unknown Shadow

@Roronoa Zoro mmmmmmmmmmmmmmb

Nikki Christian

I hope you get your dreams y'all

D Sai Shree Vaibhav XII D

Joenald Comia

@Roronoa Zoronncdnnㅝㅓㅜㅖ무너어ㅓㅓㅓ9

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This track hits different too.

Imran Razak

Its a cover. Original artist Corrine Bailey Rae

Madi Hilario


Kody Johnson

The original hit harder

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