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Hm, hm-hm, hm
Hm, hm-hm, hm


Hm-hm, hm

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to Moby's song Everloving are minimalistic and comprise of recurring mumbles and a few words. The song relies heavily on its melody and instrumental arrangement to convey its message. The song's simplicity masks its deep emotional impact. The enigmatic lyrics resonate with the listeners and evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia.

The song is notable for its slow and steady tempo that gradually builds up to a crescendo, creating a kind of meditative trance for the listeners. The song's repetitive structure and minimalistic approach are reminiscent of ambient music. The lyrics of the song appear to be made up of nonsensical sounds, but their execution helps in creating a sense of hypnosis that enables the listeners to connect with their own inner feelings.

Overall, Moby's Everloving is a contemplative and introspective piece of music that allows the listeners to gain access to their emotional reservoirs. The song's minimalist structure enables the listeners to fill in the emotional blanks and exercise their imagination to interpret the lyrics.

Line by Line Meaning

An indistinguishable humming represents the obscure, yet constant and present element of love in our lives.

Hm, hm-hm, hm
The repetition of the humming symbolizes the unchanging nature of love in our lives.

The constant humming continues to remind us of the ever-presence of love.

Hm, hm-hm, hm
Love is a simple, yet complex emotion that we experience in our lives.

The humming highlights the notion that love is an ever-lasting feeling that remains with us.

The single tone reflects the simplicity of love.

Love remains lingering in our minds, even when we try to forget it.

Love has a strong and undeniable presence in our lives.

The unending hum of love highlights its timeless nature.

Hm-hm, hm
Love is comprised of various complex and simple elements, which are all important.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Сколько нам с тобой теперь осталось,
Лишь малость.
И живет со мной слепая жалость,
Моя усталость.

Между мной и тобой остается ветер,
Между мной и тобой только слово где ты.

Нет твоей вины, что тобой болею,
Ты придешь ко мне, я тебя согрею,

Между мной и тобой остается ветер,
Между мной и тобой только слово, где ты.
Между мной и тобой остается ветер,
Между мной и тобой только слово, где ты.

Но сьедает нас моя дорога,
Расстоянье жизнь это так много,

Между мной и тобой остается ветер,
Между мной и тобой только слово где ты.
Где ты я скажу, может кто ответит,
Между мной и тобой остается ветер.

All comments from YouTube:


My childhood did not consist of travel- at all. My dad thought it was a waste. But in January of 2001, I was 21 and took my first road trip at 2am from a bar with my best friend and the cook, with whom I had a crush on. It wasn’t planned. We just drove. My talks with the cook were about how I’d never seen the ocean, so we decided to head for Florida from Cleveland. The only CD I had in my car at the time was Play. It is the soundtrack to that experience for me. This song, in particular, reminds me of the snow-covered mountains in West Virginia we saw on the way and it all came together. Thank you, Moby, for the incredible music you continue to make for the soundtrack to our lives.


What a wonderful adventure and great memory!


I love it


Danke, dass Du diese Erinnerung mit uns teilst!
Ich liebe es, wenn Menschen, die ich nicht kenne und denen ich nie begegnen werde, so tiefe und gefühlvolle Erinnerungen mit einem teilen, auf dass man sich an ihnen erfreuen kann!
Danke, Freund...


Awesome 🙏 🚙 🛣 🏔 🎶



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This track makes me feels every kind of émotion...... Hapiness, sadness, hope, deception, love, hate........ Only a few sonds has this power.


I listened to this whilst pregnant with my daughter. It calmed me with the beat (like a heart beating). So beautiful. My daughter will be 22 this year. Graduating from university in July. When I listen to this I am straight back there at the beginning of her life. I love it.


This was the song I played on loop during my spiritual awakening. A soul song. A song from the soul.


Played at my dad's funeral about a year ago as we carried the coffin out, by his request... beautiful

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