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Dazzling Urbanite

Still one of my fave albums ever. Put this up against a montage of 2020 and it fits perfectly.

Daniel Mannion

This song makes me weep. Sometimes with bittersweet memories of friends and lovers lost to time and change, sometimes just for the joy of existing along side such beautiful expression through sound. Thank you Moby.

Halley Evans

This song was played at my sisters funeral on sept 25 2022, it makes me weep to but its also calming and soothing at the same time. It is beautifully sorrowful and warm at the same time. Sending LOVE.

Daniel Mannion

@Halley Evans I am so sorry for your loss. One tiny part of the universe is sending love right back at you and your family.


This entire album is excellent in my humble opinion. It is also to hear it once again on YT after this CD was stolen years ago out of my truck.


right on dude.
keep on truckin'.

Oleksij Ahaliev

At least the burglar has some music taste


I had forgotten about this album until my recent return to the pursuit of whatever audiophile experience my low budget will allow. I must have listened to this album a thousand times when it came out. Welcome back to my playlists. 🙏🏻

Pool Castillo

Acabas de cambiar mi estilo de mezcla (Gracias por esos tracks 🙌🏽)

Ivana Austová

Amazing music, I love him!!!!

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