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All is full of love
Everything is filled with love and positive energy

All around you
Love surrounds you everywhere

All the time
Love is present constantly

I can see you
I can see the real you beyond your exterior

Your brown skin shining in the sun
Your beautiful brown skin glistens and radiates in the sunlight

You got your hair combed back
Your hair is styled back in a confident manner

Sunglasses on, baby
You wear sunglasses to hide your emotions or to maintain privacy

I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
My love for you will remain and endure the test of time

After the boys of summer have gone
Even after summer ends, my love will still be there for you

I never will forget those nights
The memories of our time together will stay with me forever

I wonder if it was a dream
I am uncertain if the events that took place were reality or just a dream

Remember how you made me crazy
I recall how you drove me mad with love and passion

Remember how I made you scream
I remember how I caused you to feel intense pleasure and ecstasy

Now I don't understand what happened to our love
I am confused about what went wrong with our relationship

But babe, I'm gonna get you back
However, I promise to work to regain your love again

I'm gonna show you what I'm made of
I will demonstrate my true character and prove my love for you

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Comments from YouTube:


My wife and I played this at our wedding reception. It was wonderful knowing most people had no idea what this was. It truly made it our song. Ethereal, sublime, perfect.


great choice!!


Wow, how cool


Life goals ! Wish you guys all the best ❤


Interesting choice for that occasion, really interesting, and beautiful.


Lol was it actually wonderful or are you covering your ass looking like a total dummy for choosing a song no one's heard of

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This whole album takes me back to my early 20's when it was released.
The 90's were a fantastic time for music.




And, just for living, without an ever present sense of dread. That optimism I had in the 90s, that the world could be a better place in the future....beautiful memories.


@Jeremy Jimenez
So true.
During these insane times I often think back to how good we had it.

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