Damage Done
Moderat Lyrics

Went inside the caves of seven wolves
Felt of the forces that lend themselves to speed
Those final words to fracture the very structure
Can't stand this glacial pace
The damage doneIt seems these days are getting shorter
Derails my train of thought what said in hand was done
Chased unforgiveness down these corridors
Locked down the basis for the willing form
A trail far from strayed
The damage done set aside from eyes of others
Our frail structures can't keep up with the pace brought out for all to see
The damage done
Face contradicting needsWe bring our cages home
For none to see
In vain to lessen
The damage done

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Comments from YouTube:

Reece Ward

Easilly one of the best tracks on the album. Dig deep. This group is immensly talented. This song is a fine example of how less is so much MORE

Genova News Network - Nursery Rhyme And Bathsalts

I heard this song 3 years ago. I'm feeling sad that I can remember it. Just shows the impact of music. Nostalgia makes me sad.

Chad Everett

The past is rough. But we're not there anymore. It's going to be okay.


Why sad?

AR Gallardo

Wtf dude it happened the same to me... 3 years later I remember this song and found it with some nostalgic vibes... bad times for me in that era.



Irina Ungureanu

awsome song
awesome album
absolutely fucking awesome !!!
thanks Moderat


The soundtrack to an ethereal drive along with your loved one filled with moments that you catch looking the other with honey like sweetness and your hands meet for a few seconds only to break into laughter and a brief kiss

Kissmylilstar News

Veteran C-PTSD this song helps me so mutch !! Thanks moderat ‼️

pramar marpra

powód jest jasny.. kasa i sława. przykro mi, że ludzie robią to co lubią za cenę duszy,,

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