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DMT 〉👽

I want to thank my brother for showing me Moderat. This is beautiful.


it has been done both ways. I choose to see color that you can only hear when I want to become clear.


No, it is not the same. I agree that our senses have been dulled by the overflow of stimuli in modern society, and that that change can be reversed, but psychedelics play in a completely different league. While in essence, psychedelics can't do anything that you can't do yourself, their effects are much more intense, so intense that it becomes surreal. It is an entirely new level of perception that you can't really imagine until you've done it, simply because it is so unnatural and over the top. The effects are so intense that they create somewhat of a contradiction: They feel surreal and otherworldly, while in reality it's just your senses amplified by approximately a fuckton.


No not doing DMT at all. Not doing any substances

DMT 〉👽

@Vesnic Doing DMT sober? I mean it is possible in a way. When you are in your deep ram sleep your brain produces a large amount of dmt. But obviously you dont know when its happening or the effects. The crazy thing about dmt is that we dont know if its something thats there or not. Maybe its just our brain messing with us. But maybe it is something that is truely beyond us and the only way to learn more about it is to experience it more. The way I like to see it is that we live in the third dimension. And the way to get to the next dimension is to smoke dmt and once you are on the effects your are entering a gateway to that dimension but only for a short period of time. And you cant ´physically do anything in that dimension you can only see and hear and enjoy the trip kinda like a movie. I dont know I think i went way too off topic.


what bout doing this sober? It is hard isn't it? We are so dead inside, we need these enhancers to spark something that isn't there. Try it sober, I guarantee you can, you have all the potential. You just don't have the will to be

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Daniel H

It's like a mix between ambient, house and future garage


For me, the best electronic song ever

Km 91

...Anyway....Moderat is Moderat.


no offence just wanted to contribute - you may want to check out bt's "antikythera mechanism"

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