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Queen of the Rapping Scene
Modern Romance Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Modern Romance:

Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey Verse 1 Now When I Hear Those Trumpets And Congas Start…
Band of Gold Now that you're gone All that's left is a band of…
Best Years of Our Lives Best years of our lives I ask you the questions but…
Don't Stop That Crazy Rhythm The music's getting closer stay around, just wait and see Ge…
Everybody Salsa Verse 1 Now what's that crazy rhythm coming from the street …
Just My Imagination Each day through my window I watch her as she…

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Comments from YouTube:


1982 & IMO The Best Track By MR , Also A Vibe & Sound Of The Time Very Similar To Blue Rondo A La Turk , Haircut & A Few More Bands Around This Time , I Suppose It's That Early White Persons Attempt At Rap !! :D Love The French Accordion Thou SSSSsssssssh A Guilty Pleasure Choon & Its Sounds Better With Age


NC I’ve a limited edition book on the New Romantic scene worth a few Bob look on Amazon 🤭... We Can Be Heroes ( London Clubland 1976 -1984 ) lots of rare photographs by Graham Smith & mostly written by Chris Sullivan singing here 👇🏻. with his band
Sullivan & his welsh chum Steve Strange organised & DJ’ed all these parties around London’s soho area eventually getting a small movement of ppl that would dress up into what was to be called & label the New Romantics , Blitz Kids Fashion with no name .......
.. Sullivan then formed BRAT it did last long before a few members in Blue Rondo left in 83’
Mark Reily , Daniel White along with Basia from Poland who’d arrived in London in 81’ to try & find fame & fortune after singing in various polish bands throughout the 70’s
They formed the Latin Jazz inspired Matt Bianco


Blue Rondo a la Turk were a cut above the others, they were very much innovators at the time


I used to dance to this back in Colombia and as I said before this is one underrated band


Move aside Queen Latifah, it's the real Queen of the rapping scene. 😂😉 Zut alors!

Steve Gasparutti

Their best song - I think. What a great base line

jose luis pinzon C

White guys rapping, before than vanilla ice and eminen

Leenie Ledejo

Debbie Harry was a white girl rapping in 1980 on the song "Rapture"

jose luis pinzon C

Andy JS this song was recorded in 1980 and put in the album adventures in clubland in 1981

Jesus Pena

Modern Romance music was played at Studio 54 in New York City

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