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The Colour Of Love
Modus Lyrics

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Beborn Beton You take my nerves, you bring me sorrow I reach out…
Billy Ocean Ooh ooh ooh If I had to paint a picture To show…
D-Code the feeling is gone and just the shadow still remains I'm li…
Little Angels The colour of love Isn't black or white But it's coloured yo…
Microwave Prince The colour of love.…
Snap! Give a little, you know I've gotta take a little Because…
Time Has Come lying on the floor, there is red everywhere blood blood blo…

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Eraser What if there are No accidents? What if our lives just Make …
Karty sú už rozdané Karty sú už rozdané Každý má svoj diel Opäť pôjdem sám Len k…
Modus Modus man yuh Modus man Vibin in the club, throw them M's…
Modus 1 Alright, already the show goes on All night, till the mornin…
Ty ja a môj brat "Sklíčka" Potichu ťa vediem do schodov, S bratom som sa včera dohodol.…
Ty, ja a môj brat Potichu ťa vediem do schodov, S bratom som sa včera dohodol.…
Úsmev Úsmev nie je žiadna šifra Je to malá výhra líc. Úsmev skús…
Veľký sen mora Lode majú mená žien O nich ten svoj veľký sen More sníva,…

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01. Come to Me (00:00)
02. The Black Ships (03:32)
03. Paramananda (08:27)
04. Sutra (14:27)
05. The Earth Beneath Our Feet (19:04)
06. The Colour of Love (22:20)
07. Secrets Untold (27:45)
08. When I See You (32:15)
09. Aurora (35:54)
10. The Choice Is Yours (39:49)
11. Children Without a Dawn (44:38)
12. I-n-Gall (47:23)
13. Love and Lust (52:55)
14. Requiem (56:46)
15. Alone (01:00:47)
16. End of Time (01:03:37)
17. Touch Me (01:06:39)
18. Surrender (01:09:33)


It sounds just like the cover, thanks for uploading this on YouTube.

New Age Music, Enigmatic, Karunesh


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