Who's Your Daddy
Mook-n-fair Lyrics

Must have rattled on you're cage,
broke and burned up all of our things.
Must have told you that I wanted you,
well I want so much.
Well I don't get to sleep tonight,
you don't get to dream.
There's a place in life when people fit
and we are not are part of this.
Hey, give me the words that you took as promises.
Hey, look in my eyes and stop asking them questions.
What do you want from me?
I could have fell from you're attack,
a broken blade stuck in my back,
but I stood up straight,
I smiled and I gave it back..
So drink one for my scars tonight, bitch
I don't feel a thing.
Who do you trust in believing,
me or you're lying eyes?
You're arms will break me,
and you're head will keep you where you are,
with unhappy endings.
The say my graveyard is sleeping


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Comments from YouTube:

Kialynn Shipley

Accidently downloaded this on limewire as a teen and I finally found it.... like 10 years later. πŸ˜‚

Mississippi Reb's Reviews

This is a really low effort poor quality rip off of a Necro song


@Kialynn Shipley are, are y- you me though?

Bc same

Kialynn Shipley

Christian Follower I have no idea. πŸ˜‚

Christian Follower

What are "Mook N Fair's and DJ Webstar's real names? Please let me know how you found out and did "Mook N Fair" ever have an album with this song? Thanks.

Gwen Kosak


Rob Casey

First I heard this song......gonna be my summer jam!!!πŸ˜„πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸŽΆπŸŽΆ


Never heard of these guys, but sounds gooooood!


this right here is straight fire ... damn this is so so dope !!!

N'Tanya Pagan

I LOVE this songi!! Good work! Y'all need way more exposure and publicity. And contrary to popular belief, it CAN be done without selling your souls. We're kinda full to overflowing down here these days so we're not much in the buying market for them for now. However, the Big Dude IS looking for potential employees and those who want to use their art for making controversial and outspoken political statements about how f*cked up things have gotten having the penis in control ALL the time. When you're following the Right Hand path to the Light all the time, you just wind up going in circles . We suggest trying out the Left Hand path to change directions if the road you're on seems to be leading to nowhere. Besides it's kinda fun to change positions to add a little spice now and then. grin Try giving a copy to a local college radio station and have your friends call and request it often. They'll often play it. I'll put it on my vlog "Adventures of gNat Girl" when I've risen a little higher on my way to stardom starting from the bottom, where I've been walking miles in my friend's shoes to see where the current system is failing.

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