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High On A Rocky Ledge
by Moondog

High on a rocky ledge lives a Mädel, Edelweiß.
She has a shadow, lovely as lace, and cold as ice.
High on a rocky ledge, I pledged my ove to her.
Ev´ry time I climb up to Paradise.
How many times I´ve been up to see her, goodness knows,
Huffing and puffing, dressed in the warmest climbing
How many dabces would be taken in my Hopeless pursuit of
the Schnee-Mädel-Edelweiß.
Then spoke a spirit, "If you would win your Lady Love,
There´s only one way: fall to your death from high above.
You will begin to grow in snow beside the one You have
waited for to be mated with." Now, I´m an Edel, vice to
my Mädel, Edelweiß.
Dying to be with her wasn´t any sacrifice.
We´re so deliriously happy on your ledge where I pledge
my love to my Lady Fair.
You who are climbing breathless to see me and my love.
Snow flowers growing fonder on Lover´s Ledge above.
If you´ve the yen to pluck, then pluck us both, for we
who have lived as one, wish to die as one.

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