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If I Still Believe
Moonsouls Lyrics

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Jared Bohlmann

Someone agree with me - you get so many different songs claiming to be uplifting trance. Its actually so hard to actually hear a song that continuously hits the right keys to make it emotionally appealing. A few songs that I have heard do this is very well is.

Dimension & Moonsouls - Rise Above The World (Ultimate remix)
Solis & Sean Truby - Coyote (Ultimate & Moonsouls Remix)
Moonsouls - If I Still Believe (Ultimate Remix)
Simon Patterson - we'll see (Original Mix)

I'm sure there are more, but if anyone understands what types of songs I mean please comment some other ones.


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The Grand Sound

My Uplifting Trance tune of the year, such a majestic piece of music!
Great video too, thanks :)


Absolutely amazing tune. One of the best. <3

Axxo Productions

Klu thank you so fkin much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this track, this tune right here is beyond amazing. I am lost for words, for some reason this track is just what I needed to hear. The emotion that comes with this beautiful melody is exactly everything I feel. The beat is so on point. I am proud to have been following you for all these years!!! One of the best uploads to go on my list for sure :D 5/5 favorited+liked. This track inspired me so much I am making a shuffle video to this. AMAZING!!! True quality trance!!! Klu, you're fucking awesome bro. Thank you.

Geraint Pierce

Amen ,god is big


Dude, you know you honor me with your always awesome comments! Thank you for your HUGE support over those few years, really appreciate that!!!!! I'm very happy you enjoyed this beautiful track! Plz sent the suffle video when it's done :)
Cheers man!


OMG! Just one of those uplifting trances that makes me chill and dance Shuffle again. Thanks for sharing with us this masterpiece. Loved this tune!


Should I cry... or should I fly. Should I breathe or should I die ... die ? The right track in the right moment ... when I wanted to just leave this world far to a place that u couldn't imagine without this mind blowing. ..


Trance & Nature


Those guys never disapppoint. Perfect music with a great video. Just amazing! \o/

Siddharth Poduval

Moonsouls WOW the apt name for the perfect music scores being produced.Marvelous,Jaw dropping,drop dead gorgeous,no words can capture the perfectness of the angelic music and visuals.Absolute masterpiece,Moonsouls know exactly where the trance touches the soul,great music ,keep up the extraordinary work and make millions happy with your music.God bless!!!!

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