At War With War
Mortification Lyrics

Yeah, at war with war
[chorus 3&4]
Yeah at war with war, no more, at war with war.
They seek his life in vein he will not be
Denied, he escapes the clutch of sin to be restored
Unto his homeland
They brag the victory, but it comes through love not
Hate, see the power comes from the servant who puts
His sword to service
Bridge- Love not your life among us, lay down your
Hate for service, the power comes from lifting others,
The weak shall hate mankind. What makes you think
You're powerful, you hate those you see as less but
The more people that you trample, the more you're
Bound to trip.
Militias of death, people who hate the black
Man...what makes you think you're best? take heed of
Victorys in arenas
I have made myself a servant to all, that I
Might win all the more, now I do this for the Gospel's
Sake that I might partake it with you. To the jews I
Am a jew, to those under the law as under the law, to
Those without the law as without the law, seeking to
Serve, to signify.
[Chorus Repeat, Verse 1 Repeat, Interlude, Repeat]

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Written by: STEVE ROWE

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Comments from YouTube:

Leonardo Giudice

Very good, the staff here in Brazil need to know that. Only Jesus saves. Glory to God.


in that case the album art may not look "cool" or "brutal" bt it means alot and thats 100% better


@CHARRRLII14 choose the peace of Christ as your weapon in the war. ;)

Silvester Brack

My favourite Mortification Song!


i like this :)

Luke Piva

I love this song! Jesus is the king!


where are the lyrics? mortification rulz

Gary Cox

In the info box, they're right there!

Jakub Klinger

Found this tape in local store recently, totally by accident. Not their best work, and cleaner vocals are weird but still quite enjoyable.

Leonardo Giudice

@Vinocaful yes I know, Oficina G3 is very good. Listen for the music: Ele vive. You'll like it. Excuse the bad English, but nothing like the Google translator to help us .... kkkk. Goodbye.

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