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by Mortuary Drape

Born, never dead, living in the land of the dark
Magic sinister of blood cult of the undead
In sorrow, they live in this dimension, in torment and pain
They wander and steal your soul, your mind and your fate

Those places possessed the colors of those who do not know
Violent and grey are the eternal colors of power
Ritual is surrounded by objects with their energy
Disorded power as interior confusion who evoke them

Demons toward expiation of ancient faults
Materialization is the blood as the egent medium
Become a double astral of who generates
This is a chapter trapped in wise and decay

Horror drape revealed
Wed of dead wrapped at me

Contributed by Jacob E. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Brett Karges


Brett Karges

I know you're happy. That's why it didn't take long for you to celebrate being rid of me. Because you're happy I'm gone. Celebrate by dancing with random guys at the bar. They don't love you, they don't give a shit about you. They look at you and think of you as something cheap and meaningless. Unlike me. I poured my heart out and gave you my all. Only to never be appreciated. Then you come to my house with your boy, yelling at me, leaving me a Xmas card, & u actually think you're justified in yelling at me because Teddy's at my house? & tell ppl, "idk where he is, his mom lies to me". About what? Don't u remember the night u brought the Xmas card? She answered u, and got me on the phone for you. You're the one that lied to me every time you hung out with your goofy friend with the screwed up neck. YOU can't even keep your lies straight. You hide so much from me, from your kids, from those around you. Even yourself you hide from. Hide from reality. So, yeah, good. Go be happy with your fake cheap boyfriends at the sleazy Holbrook bars. Be so happy, and QUIT following my posts on YouTube. You pushed away & begged me back over & over so many times.... No more, I'm through. You went behind my back & said you're letting go of me, then within days you tell me " I can't live without you". So fake, it's disgusting. Do what you said & let go, it makes me SICK to hear from you. Get a life.

AsiA I.

Halloween is  for somepeople everydayyou do know that right FKR''' @/@]/]/






Black Metal? Italians do it better!
Hails \m/

rompe toto

People really like this garbage?

Ian Bruesch

>Be me
> Looks at rompe toto's channel
> Sees Justin Bieber playlists
> Nicetrytroll.jpeg

rompe toto

daniel rodriguez I'm guessing you're just as lame as this band

daniel rodriguez

rompe toto i dont like, i love themmm

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