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by Mos Def

[Mos def:](getting louder)
This is for all of you
This is for all of you
This is for all of you
For all of you

Every since I was small, I played the wall
The loner type, even as a little tike
(singing)while the other little kids were out at play,
I was home wishing for a rainy dayyay..(/singing)
I didn't have friends 'cause I barely even spoke
My head was mad out on a ill uni flow
Surrounded outside by thievs and crooks
I found a little peace in stars and books
My outside contact was limited
'cause I was different and heads couldn't get wit it
(singing)i used to get mistaken???? when all I ever really wanted was some
???remember drew back many tears??? that I kept inside for so many years
All but galactic intuition, I learned the skill of being self sufficient
Heads got live, while I took the train
I watched the sky and let the daytime fade(/singing)
Go through whole twenty four hrs is sorrow
Role lay down and do the shit all again tomorrow
Keepin compsure is a way??to burden??
And smiling in your face??while my chess is hurtin'??
I wanna be nice but that shit ain't worth it
Turn off the light draw the curtain
Will I find peace, son, I'm not certain
(singing)in dark quiet places feelings go,
Beating you down all hard and slow oh ohh ohhh ohh ohh....(/singing)

(CHORUS[spoken above eachother])
DCQ(Ces in brackets):

(i'm tired of all these devils)
Victory is not granted to the swift and mighty, know what I'm saying? (that's
What the devil wants. it wants you to be afraid)
You can get hot but can you sustain the heat? (that's how you lose your power)
Things that rise to quickly fall even faster (maintain maintain maintain)
(maintain maintain maintain)
Things that rise to quickly fall even faster (maintain maintain maintain)

The night brings courage and solutions
Images and dramatic conclusions
I playback a hundred thousand scenes
Cut the proper sneer and practise being me
I've taken too many a lost
Man fuck patience it's time to excersice thought
It's the last thing heads would expect
If they won't' give it to me I'm taking my respect
And I'm using all means at hand
Because apparently motherfuckas don't understand
They don't know the fury behind the meekness
Mistaking my kindness for weakness well peep this
(singing)it's a brand new day(/singing)
And we gon do it this way
Call me MD with with revenge prognosis
I'm handing out justice in powerful doses
Coming out the deck with aces and jokers
Flushing whoever comes closest
Sticktly hands over ears when you try to make amends
I've got my pad and pencil who the hell needs friends
You think I'm on some shit, you god damn right
My area of peace is like mad and tight
Attempt to tresspass my radius and we gon' have to fight
My heart is too heavy for you to take me light
I exit sufferers status so if you thought otherwise imma let you know
That when the tables turn they moving hard and slow

(CHORUS) repeat x2

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