Back On The Chain
Motorhead渀 Lyrics

Don't be bitchin' honey
'Cause you're holding all the money
And now we're outlaws, running scared
And I don't think it's funny
Keep your foot on the gas now baby
Don't you let 'em in
'Cause we're just thieves and I don't need to be back on that chain again

Don't you be complaining
'Cause you're gonna do my brain in
We just trying to cop a feel
And I think the cops are gaining
Get that petal to the metal baby
Don't you let 'em win
'Cause we're just thieves, and I don't need to be back on that chain again

Don't shoot me down, I ain't no violent man
Don't put a forty-five in my hand, I ain't gonna do no time
I know I've been a fool
But please don't send me down
I don't want to spend my life locked up without no women around

Now we're back on the street
In love with every whore I meet
'Cause money walks and money talks
And I can hardly keep my feet
Keep lookin' over your shoulder baby
In case they zero in
'Cause we're just thieves and I don't need to be back on that chain again

Police, don't shoot me down
I don't want to die in the dust
I can't make the scene where I die like a dog with the crowd looking on in disgust
We're just kids with guns
American as apple pie
So don't you put that hurt on me, I ain't gonna do no time
We were just running scared
Everybody but us knew the game
We never had no reason to kill but those people are dead just the same

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Comments from YouTube:

Hunters CLan

Morrissey & The Smiths... marcaram um tempo incrível da minha vida. Saudades de um tempo que sou grato pela influencia maravilhosa que vive e provavelmente muitas pessoas viveram... Saudades que revigora a felicidade quando ouço suas músicas. É assim revivo os bons tempos. Novos tempos que chegam. Novos tempos que desconhecem sua origem. Mas não ligo. O que importa é que sabemos e assim sentimos um gosto de felicidade... sou grato 🇧🇷😍

Sílvia Fernandes

Belas palavras. Passei aos meus filhos o bom gosto das músicas dessa época.

Sandra Silva

@José Maria Silva Idem KKKKK


@A A A Pra que isso?


Mais um 👏👏👏

Edison Gil Prestes

Faço das suas as minhas palavras. Que época boa vivemos.

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Morrissey is like "Oh Marr sings now? hold my beer".

Phil Lynott

Yes and he sings in a Morrissey-esque voice, which is commendable, because he respects what the fans want...

miguel teixeira

Further evidence that the Smiths did what they did because they were all 4 very good at their individual tasks. But not much in the field of multi tasking....


@Simon Edgbaston Complete bollix mate.Great solo albums by Johnny.Pity Morrissey cant still cant write a tune after all these years.Maybe he should have been a poet cause hes fucking clueless when it comes to music

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