Civil War
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White noise is coming
The wolf at your door
Do you hear the drummin'?
Outside your window
Outside your window

Civil war, civil war
All your yesterdays gone before
Civil war, civil war
Can you tell me what you're fighting for?

Soldiers of Fortune
The traitor within
Blood on the pale moon
Outside your window
Outside your window

Children learn to kill
Bet your ass you'll pay the bill
Season of the dog
The dollar takes the place of God

Death laughs in your face
Anarchy will take your place
You give all your children guns
See what you have done
Backlash coming soon
Joker gonna call the tune

Your children are learning
You teach them to hate
Your cities are burning
Outside your window
Outside your window


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For those who are doing the same thing as me, here are the answers. Thank me by subscribing.
1. April 12 1861
2. Abraham Lincoln   
3. North of the United states and the south of the United States
4. A border state is a state that was part of the slaves states that wasn't part of the confederacy. Such as Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware and Maryland.
5. The union won the war 
6. Advantages such as many more people, also manufactures more than 90% of all goods in America
7. The only advantage the south had was better military leaders 
8. They had to outlast the Northern efforts to bring them back into the union
9. His strategy was to wear down the south
10. It gave them control to the Mississippi river
11. Gettysburg was a decisive victory for the Union Army and was the last time the Confederacy ever attacked Union soil.
12. The political importance of the capture was that it happened close to the election

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Shannon Chaney

anyone else hoping this will replace the hours of studying that you should've done for your final

Sam I


Benjamin Hong

when your comment has the same amount of likes as the videos dislikes

Kaylynn Langi

Shannon Chaney I’ve got 10 minutes and i’m watching the vid in 2x mode 😂


@Joseph G. Hotto , I don't know why you comment is aimed at me but I agree with 100%. My earlier comment was addressing kids who want to replace studying school materials, like their textbook, with youtube videos which likely don't cover all the material covered in exams and its likely to have many errors.

Joseph G. Hotto

@Supernova The acting of writing down notes helps you remember information FAR more accurately than passively watching someone talk about history. Just make sure the notes are easy enough that an amateur could understand.

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USA: We lost 8% of our male population in a war

France: Hold my beer

Heather Walker

finally a funny comment

XxSkye NebulaxX



All u niggas lame asf

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