White Line Fever
Motorhead渀 Lyrics

We can move around now
You know it's so good
But I know you wouldn't come clean now, baby
Even if you could
white line fever

White line fever made me a believer now
White line fever, yeah
Take me away from you
Just come to me babe
We can stay right here
But you don't remember me, honey, 'cause of all you've done this year
White line fever

We're gonna make you a dreamer
White line fever, yeah
It's a slow death

Bye, bye, bye baby
'Cause there I come
Won't go to sleep tonight
Because the white line turns me on

White line fever
Made me a believer
White line fever, yeah
It hasn't killed me yet

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Mitchell K

@crash979797 Licking every drop of poison off a pocket of keys
While some daddy's little angel's getting dirt on her knees
When the Sun goes down, the filth run free
You'll never find a finer specimen of filth than me

Cocaine. ...

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I feel like I'm one of the only people that like when they sounded like this lmao. The hard rock style definitely suits Danny well

Krysen Stott

I love AA from Stand Up and Scream all the way to their self titled 2017 album but after that they fell off way hard

Wilson Kowira

hmm i would say this is metalcore though, but yeah i like it a lot too

Cameron Colding

I used to not like it very much back in the day but I've grown to love it. Their 80's covers were amazing and definitely did the originals justice.

Roger Rabbit

True, this is PURE hard rock

Sammi Miyazaki

My fiance likes this sound better than the new one

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The Left Wants to Take Away Your Penis

This song is like coke, highly addictive.

Адепт Вивернуса

@Hashtag Lan Fbx 250 million people speak russian. And it's not only russians, there's also other countries where many people speak russian.

Hashtag Lan Fbx

@Адепт Вивернуса bro nobody speaks fucking russian

Адепт Вивернуса

@SumOfIt i would say "ба-дум тссс", but ok)

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