Motorpsycho Lyrics

I've seen oblivion wait so temptingly
The act of leaving finally set you free
I planted one foot solidly in air
in makebelieve

I like the notion better then the thing
I like the romance better than the fling
I like the gospel better than the church
who made it untrue

Give me the fog where outlines fade away
where rules are something you've chosen to obey
This duty isn't what i signed up for
So let me go
I felt the calling, heard it loud and clear
You move so far it changes into near
Transformation, useless, sinful flesh
To sacred ideal


Free me, don't leave me hangin' on
Free me, don't let it turn to blue

Don't let go
Don't say stop

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Comments from YouTube:


Loved it!

Wayne T.

a beautiful thing.............

buufa 10

Psalm 4; 5 #ALATI #INCRIST


its like i m in 1970 !

Senkigtully 1

That's a very good thing 6 years older though, so what do you think now?

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