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Tame My Tiger
Mr. Le Baron Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Tame My Tiger' by these artists:

Marc Bolan Sister sister Won't you tame my tiger Sister sister Won't…
T. Rex Sister sister Won't you tame my tiger Sister sister Won't yo…
T.Rex Sister sister Won't you tame my tiger Sister sister Won't…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Mr. Le Baron:

I Need U 飛べるよ 君にも 羽を広げてごらんよ 一緒に行こう さぁ準備を ほら 早くしておいでよ はぐれずに付いて来れるか…

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Comments from YouTube:


To skip the opening credits, the song starts at 0:24

Andy Kaye

Beep beep

Casey Mitchell

@Ignacio Elliot testing it out now. Looks to be working.

Ignacio Elliot

Dunno if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google enjoy!

Jeff Gzebb

Very impressive! Could you please give me a few hints how you make a video like that? Like, the details of the dashes etc. I'm guessing you first create the images in a Photoshop type program (as opposed to cartoons of old, where they had to draw all the images), and then incorporate them into the video? Either way, it's pretty impressive.

Tim Greenwood

For those who missed it. Post war ( Early 1950's) Nash Rambler cars had a three speed gear shifter on the steering column. They were known for getting stuck in gear and between gears. That is the wink to reality for the back story behind the catchy Playmates song. The man in the Rambler was trying to get attention for the help.

Matthew Mankiewich

Patrick Coffey that was Flash-O-Matic. My brother had a ‘62 Classic Cross Country wagon with Weather Eye air conditioning. As for the three on the tree, that’s what you had back then if you didn’t have an automatic. On any car. The little Nash Rambler was a decent performer in its day thanks to its light weight.

Patrick Coffey

@Greg Mohr Rambler also had pushbutton controls for their Flight-O-Matic Drive from 1958 thru 1962!


3 in the tree!

Thomas Darby

I think it would have been better with a 425 Cat diesel with a 14-speed Road Ranger. You'd have to take out the trunk and back seat, and put the fuel tank up front, but hey...

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