Hoochie Coochie Man
Muddy Waters Lyrics

The gypsy woman told my mother
Before I was born
I got a boy-child's comin'
He's gonna be a son-of-a-gun
He's gonna make pretty women's
Jump and shout
Then the world gonna know
What this all about

Don't you know I'm here
Everybody knows I'm here
Well, you know I'm the hoochie-coochie man
Everybody knows I'm here

I got a black cat bone
I got a mojo too
I got John the Conqueror
I'm gonna mess with you
I'm gonna make you girls
Lead me by my hand
Then the world'll know
The hoochie-coochie man

Don't you know I'm here
Everybody knows I'm here
Well, you know I'm the hoochie-coochie man
Everybody knows I'm here

On the seventh hour
On the seventh day
On the seventh mont
The seventh doctor say
"He was born for good luck
And that you see
I got seven hundred dollars
And don't you mess with me

But you know I'm here
Everybody knows I'm here
Well, you know I'm the hoochie-coochie man
Everybody knows I'm here

Written by: Willie Dixon

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Comments from YouTube:

William Nicoll

Muddy Waters was a Blues jamming King and I can not believe anyone could put a thumbs down ti such a Icon.

Cracklinjack ___

There will always be people to drag the taste of others down. But they come around eventually. Mr Mojo working good on them boys.
The funny thing is, this is what Rock n' Roll is built on. The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Who, Elvis. All the big mofo's from Rock paid homage to the blue's. Myself, I'm a huge fan of The Small Faces, and it's through them I started paying attention to the world of the Blue's.

Michael Skelton

Just enjoy it my friend. The hell with those that put a thumbs down.

adonai yah



Father of the Chicago blues.....man he can jam..!!

Snow Man12

For real

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SSJ Phenom

The absolute most famous/important guitar riff in the history of the blues. Maybe even the history of music. This one riff inspired a whole helluva lot of people.

Jimmy BluesHand Smith

Including me! I can tell you know your stuff, Brother! We should Jam........

Dora Anaïs Nin 🌹💘💋

@SSJ Phenom you know your stuff

SSJ Phenom

@DoctorSess Now that is true! Couldn't have said it better myself. What we call the "Blues" comes from decades of pain and struggle. Dating all the way back to the ends of slavery on up through to the 1950s. Slaves used to snap, clap, sing, and hum any song or beat that they could think of in order to stay in good moods and to keep from completely just falling apart under the hopelessness of thier situations. It continued on from slavery on up through sharecropping. As you so correctly said, a lot of those early blues songs that Muddy recorded or that Howlin Wolf recorded or that Robert Johnson recorded we'll never know who truly came up with the lyrics or the melodies. The only advantage that the people I mentioned had over sharecroppers and slaves of the past was that while those people were alive there was the technology to record them. If that technology had existed in the mid 1800s then modern music today would be about 75 to 100 years further a long than it is now.

I never meant to imply that Dixon was the originator of the riff. He was just the first person to ever record it and as I believe you said, he was the first to use it correctly. As a result, the riff from "Hoochie Coochie Man" is probably, besides major accomplishments like Beethoven's 5th, the most influential simple little riff in modern music.

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