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Lachlan It Is

The first concert I saw and been addicted to live music ever since. These guys top my list of live music with Metallica.

Chris Zilar

I will never forget this opener live….so amazing!!!!! And I must say more relevant now than back then. Pretty ironic 🤘🎯

Elijah Amirianfar

Oh my god. The intro gave me chills all over my body


I saw the set as my first Muse show in I want to say Columbus Ohio and it was one of the most incredible experiences I've had.. between the intro uprising and then when they performed Undisclosed Desires....the intro with a keytar for the synths...breathtakingly beautiful

Michal Stankoviansky

I saw this show in Munich. The intro was just was the whole concert.

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Tesoura Deathstar

A melhor banda dos ultimos anos , consistente em tudo!!!

Carol Lopez

OMG MUSE is the best band in this time them .Thanks for this awesome video.🎹💋❤😍🎼

Marta eva Monteros

Con este tema los descubrí y me fascinaron,era algo nuevo y quedé enamorada!!!

Ray Gonzales

This tour was pretty epic!

Michal Stankoviansky

Yup, the best Muse show I've seen out of all ~7 I've been to was in Munich on this very tour, it was just so good I couldn't believe it

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