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It is somewhat satirically dark actually.

See I find it really funny that it was used in the Olympics. I'm happy Muse is that successful they could have their song used for the Olympics. But the lyrics are actually about how competitive humans are. Hence the lyrics "I won't forgive, vengeance is mine" "I choose to survive, whatever it takes" "I'll reveal my strength to the whole human race"

See the 2nd Law cites the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as the reason why no matter how much we advance technology to try to save ourselves, we still only have a finite amount of resources, and only delay our extinction.

Look at today with all the climate change attention, the Paris Climate Agreement and all. In the scenario of these lyrics, I see a scenario where renewable energy industries like solar rise above oil. And it seems victorious on the surface, but now they choose to survive by holding on to that high power, whatever it takes. Solar isn't perfect, its fragile, lasts only 20 years vs most power plants lasting 100+ years, it can lead to a lot of waste in the oceans which would be more harmful than most electronic waste that is common nowadays. Wind turbine generators require really rare minerals, which means heavy mining.

Point is, Supremacy-Follow Me, are the rise above the industries that are infamous for polluting like plastic and fossil fuels. Supremacy is the start of the revolution against it. Panic Station and Survival are the strive towards growth and success, Follow Me is that full growth where they rise above. Animals is the realization(hence why I talked about the renewable energy problems) that all corporations, no matter how much they seem to want to serve us, get power hungry and stop giving a shit about their consumers and only their wealth. Explorers and Big Freeze are the tragic realization that we're screwed. then Unsustainable is basically the overarching message of the whole 2nd Law album, while Isolated System is a very unsettling closing to the album.

Madness, Save Me, and Liquid State, are more personal lyrics from Matt and Chris, so I don't think they were meant to be part of the 2nd Law theme.
But anyone who thinks I am getting carried away with this assumption, you gotta watch the Unsustainable music video and actually listen to what the chick is saying. And how could a song title like Big Freeze, not be about climate change?

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I listen this song before every exam ;p 

Isaiah Anthony

I do the same but before a wrestling match

Fernando Mansilla

+Juan Carlos García Medina been there, done that, and i got mi tittle

Juan Carlos García Medina

@MrKeymil so do i

Samuele Illuminati

@MrKeymil I thought I was the only one!

Pieter Siregar

listening to Prelude, Exogenesis, Unsustainable and Isolated System really makes me sure that Muse would be a great movie soundtrack composer

Invisible W

We all agree... Muse is incredible and extremely talented...RIGHT???

Giuseppe Trotta


King Raymond III


The Great Sloth Lord

Heck yeah

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