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The Handler
by Muse (Collected By @lifeismusic)

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Muse You were my oppressor And I, I have been programmed to…
Muse/ You were my oppressor And I, I have been programmed to…

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Dead Inside Dead inside! Revere a million prayers And draw me into your …
Drones Killed by drones My mother, killed by drones My sister and …
Psycho Love, it will get you nowhere You are on your own Lost…

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Comments from YouTube:

Franco Cerullo

Showbiz: "Controlling my feelings for too long"
The Handler: "I won't let you control my feelings anymore"

Hysteria: "Give me your heart and your soul"
Dead Inside: "Do you have no soul? It's like it died, long ago"

United States Of Eurasia/Collateral Damage: "Must we do as we're told?"
The Handler: "And I will never do as I am told"

Unnatural Selection: "I want the truth"
Reapers: "I don't think I can handle the truth"

Fat Man Jackson

Quite ironic lyrics, because they do EXACTLY what they are being told, without question. They will never break the programming, they fear death too much.


But now COVID-19 controlling like this Muse below :

Lazy Guy For Life

Big Freeze: Fight or will you show me mercy
Mercy: Show me mercy from the powers that be

Lazy Guy For Life

Spiral Static: You're running out of time
Time is Running Out: Our time is running out

Grace Dog Rescue

@James Flynn didn't age well 😬this is the future calling, it's no different

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Stoss 42

Can't understand why some Muse fans don't like Drones. It's one of my favourite albums of theirs and has some killer tracks


Drones is the best since "The Resistance"

Hang Nadim

People hate new things... This happen to LP too

Yvonne Boekema

Whaaaattt! Drones is absolutely amazing. Psycho, The void, The Handler, the globalist .

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