My Epic Lyrics

May it be the real I who speaks
May is be the real Thou that I speak to

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Jonathan Cragle

Pre-order is up on facedown records for My Epics upcoming CD release Viscera. Search on Youtube for two songs they've released already. Amazing follow-up to "Behold" their 2013 release.


this video came on after one of my favorite band songs finished playing and i wasnt paying attention. I must say i think I found one another favorite... Pure amazing. I love the lyrics, the poetry, the theology and the pure beautiful sound these artists incorporate into their music. Thank God for humbling men like these and giving them the gifts to create wondrous melodies such as these.

Mage Knight Wizard

My Epic is a unique gem. Other bands are totally different lyrically. There is just something about the depth of their lyrics that get me.


If you're still alive and interested, other facedown records bands are great. My favorite prog metal band that happens to be christian is Hope for the Dying

Mage Knight Wizard

+octw74 I go to North Central University. It is a pentecostal school. We are required to attend chapel everyday. The music is so shallow. I sometimes skip to just worship with other songs. Like Doxology. I feel like I cannot connect with God when I am trying to worship to these songs that are just talking about us instead of Him.


I know right!!! I love church worship as much as the next guy but I need more depth in lyrics to truly enter into praise and worship to y allmighty King. Im not saying normal worship is bad but it can be quite shallow and generic most of the time. That's why i fell in love with alternative christian music such like rock and metalcore. There's just something about the beautiful lyrics and passion in the music these artists create that truly help me draw closer to God. 

Mage Knight Wizard

+octw74 Dude they are so good. Deep theology in their lyrics. Worship is so shallow nowadays.

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Brendan McDonald

This band was my LIFE like a decade ago. The religious stuff doesn't sit well with me these days, but goodness, these guys could write a damn good song.

Jonathan Vorster

For anyone: the song - is in at 48:28

Mage Knight Wizard

What is the meaning of "Our Little Girl"? I am getting a Garden of Eden vibe... but more than that?

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