Without You
My Fair Lady Lyrics

What a fool I was, what dominated fool
To think that you were the Earth and sky
What a fool I was, what an elevated fool
What a mutton-headed dote was I

No, my reverberating friend
You are not a beginning and the end

There'll be spring every year without you
England still will be here without you
There'll be fruit on the tree
And a shore by the sea
There'll be crumpets and tea without you

Art and music will thrive without you
Somehow Keats will survive without you
And there still will be rain on that plain down in Spain
Even that will remain without you, I can do without you

You, dear friend, who taught so well
You can go to Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire

They can still rule the land without you
Windsor Castle will stand without you
And without much ado we can
All muddle through without you

Without pulling it the tide comes in
Without your twirling it, the Earth can spin
Without your pushing them, the clouds roll by
If they can do without you, ducky so can I

I will not feel alone without you
I can stand on my own without you
So go back in your shell
I can do bloody well without

By George, I really did it, I did it, I did it
I said I'd make a woman and indeed I did
I knew that I could do it, I knew it, I knew it
I said I'd make a woman and succeed I did
Eliza you're magnificent

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Comments from YouTube:

Adora Pingstock

If I ever dump a self centered, egotistical guy, I will burst into this song

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor II

@No those are his mothers 😂


Squiggy2010 I’d kill his plants


You'll still water his plants on the way out.

florin diaconu

Self centered, egotistical guys are those that get all the love and the passion women can offer. It is well said "If i ever"...most certainly, you wont.


I think you'll be smart enough not to date someone like that!
Frankly I see a bright future ahead of you.


"You dear friend who talk so well.
You can go to - - Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire."

Nice 😂

Catalina Maria

She’s not the real singer on the movie

ma d

They left out the best part
Higgins: MOTHER!!! MOTHER!!!

Joan Vanore

Absolutely!! And unless she seriously revises life in the Higgins household, Mrs.Higgins is right: he'll have to "do without, I suppose"!

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