Green Lights
NF Lyrics

My name buzzin', ain't no way you could ignore it
I did not come this far so they could ignore me
I am not the one to say, "I'll do it in the mornin'"
I'd rather get it done, don't focus on what's not important
They try to talk to me like they been nothin' but supportive
Appreciate the love, but do not show up on my doorstep
If you ain't about that real, I suggest that you avoid me
If we ain't on the same page, that's the end of story, agh!
Hey, you are not a baller 'cause your closet's full of Jordan's
You are not a rich man 'cause you're on the Forbes list
First, I dropped a record, then you know I gotta tour it
Real's still the slogan, only difference is there's more of us
The story of my life feels like it's just beginnin' now
I ask you a question, I want answers, not the run-around
You the one that brought it up, but I'm the one to shut it down
If you ain't got the album yet, I brought you one, I'm at your house

All I see is green lights (woo!)
All I see is green lights
All I spit is real life
Bet you don't know what that's like (huh?)
All I see is green lights (woo!)
All I see is green lights (woo!) yeah
All I spit is real life
I bet you don't know what that's like

I know where I'm goin', I don't let no one distract me
I don't need directions from nobody in the back seat
I don't need these people in my corner tryna gas me
I'd rather have people in my corner tryna check me
Yeah, I walk off the bus a different city than the last week
Let the fans speak, they gon' tell you 'bout the past me
If I'm bein' honest, last year I was in a bad place
Wouldn't say I'm out of it, but don't feel like I can't be, agh!
Who you know droppin' clean records, but they nasty?
I was made for this, I could tell when Mama had me
I hopped right off the table, told my doctor, "I ain't average"
He asked me, "What does that mean?" I told him, "Get the pen and pad, please"
Who'd a known I'd write something that could change lives?
I don't think y'all fully understand the way you changed mine
I look at the future that's in front of me with both eyes
Three records, three years, I don't like to waste time

All I see is green lights, yeah! (yeah) (woo!)
All I see is green lights, haha!
All I spit is real life (real life)
Bet you don't know what that's like (you don't know!)
All I see is green lights (green lights) woo!
All I see is green lights (green lights—haha), yeah!
All I spit is real life (oh, real life!)
I bet you don't know what that's like (no!)

All I see is—green lights!
Oh my!

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Capitol CMG Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: David Garcia, Nate Feuerstein, Tommee Profitt

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My neighbours love NF so much that they threw a brick into my window, so they can hear it better


@Oishi the hell what's with your hate

Mike Prestinario

Thats so great🤣🤣🤷



Brookie_ Pooh

Wow, um, I guess their devoted

Stanislav Mironov


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lil Thrasher

Some people: omg NF made me like rap

Me: yeah he does that.

Shadow Momochi Uchiha

so true
i'm that perso

Ezequiel Barge

wdym he made me rap bro

Send Me Location

I always liked rap a little bit. Here’s why NF is one of my favorites. He’s aggressive, his lyrics are so dirty lyrically but technically so clean. Not a single cuss word. He spits about shit people can relate to. Sorry I can’t relate to poppin’ bottles in the club with hoes. I’m married haha

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