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8 ways

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Akshat Rai

•You need to put a saddle on a horse in order to tame it.
• Skeletons are scared of wolves/dogs.
•There is a slot for shield right next to the boots.
•The tail of a wolf determines it's health. The lower the tail,the lower the health. You can feed him bone, steak,porkchop,bacon,chicken.
•You can kill the wanderer and they'll drop items(the llamas will attack you, but you protect with shield)
•If your dog is standing then he'll automatically teleport to you but he'll not move when sitting.
•Make an enchantment table and an anvil to power up and repair items.
•You can feed two animals of same type to get a baby.
•You can use shear to get wool from sheep.

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anshi panda

I have watched this at 2019 and I'm watching again on 2021 :-:

Gamer Namish

Meeeeee toooooooo woooooowww

Noorus Saba


Noorus Saba

Me too ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

Arshi Arshi

I am watching this minecraft 1 series 6th time 😒 Bruhhh



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Ghai Sukjit

Who is after Blakey his new pet

soumya kuchana




Shubhangi Shinde

Googlu died but Blackey came (Punarjanam of Googlu)

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