Blood Duster
Naked City Lyrics

We are at the summit of the highest mountain
We are at the bottom of the deepest lake
We are at the center of the raging fire
We are at the outskirts to claim our stake
We are born of joy and frustration
We are born of love and desperation
We are born of hate and perseverance
We are born of anger and deliverance
Feeding the fire with tears and blood
Feeding the fire with tears and blood
We are on the outside waiting
We are on the inside hiding
We are on the threshold of knowing
We are on the verge of
Feeding the fire with tears and blood
Feeding the fire with tears and blood

Writer(s): John Zorn Copyright: Theatre Of Musical Optics

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Comments from YouTube:

Don Furcio

I always thought Mike Patton was insane... Now I know he's just a John Zorn fan

Dietro X

Compared to Yamantaka Eye (the awesome vocalist on this track and who used to be Zorn’s muse before Patton started working with Zorn), Patton is pretty chill. Then again, many frontman and vocalists perceived as wild are sane compared to a young Eye.

Anyway, yeah, Patton is a good friend and regular collaborator of Zorn. But there is no doubt that Zorn’s work, particularly Naked City, was a huge influence on his work. Eye himself was 100% a big influence on Patton vocally. And yes, Patton is obviously talented and a wild performer himself, but so much of what he does in the studio (even on stage) and many fans see as something Patton only does, is him emulating some of his favorite artists.


......and regular collaborator


Theres a grindcore/stoner rock band called Blood Duster that I found out about searching for this song on Napster

Moritz Bierdimpfl

blood duster fucking rules bro :D


@lonesome_blue Howd you know that? Thats cool


If crazy could be described in one song, it would be this one. :)

Quality Jokes

and then eponymous stonergrind band was born



Portnova Feet

Andrewboobtube aaaaaaaaaaaaa