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Naked City Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Naked City:

Blood Duster We are at the summit of the highest mountain We are…
Bonehead Rooaaaaaarr yieeeahh aaaaahhh yoohhh heeeaay Roooooarrrr…

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Comments from YouTube:


Nothing is like before after listening to it, i remember I was 13 when I discovered naked city, this album changed my life forever!

Mike Janssen

Same here — this and the Naked City album introduced me to jazz

rain tuna

14 and just discovered it : )

Vo Py

Best musickal 54 secs of my life. Again and again. <3

Leonardo Padrés Mendizábal

Imagine just driving your car, then a police car apears and this sounds in your stereo


For the first time in my life. I am speechless


where the fuck's my money, Theshredder1712?


@James Watson you meant 7 years, right?

James Watson

6 years later, still speechless?


not enough cow bell

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