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Osaka Bondage
Naked City Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Naked City:

Blood Duster We are at the summit of the highest mountain We are…
Bonehead Rooaaaaaarr yieeeahh aaaaahhh yoohhh heeeaay Roooooarrrr…

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Comments from YouTube:

Vlado Buster

That song got everything in one minute. Little bit of King Crimson, ELP, Melvins, Frank Zappa, NY HC rawness and grindcore standards.

rAndom cAt

Don’t forget Cardiacs ! 😜


...brings me back memories of winter of '93, listening to the mythical compilation Grind Crusher!


My man! 🤘💗

J. R. Dobbs

I love this song, yamatsuka eye is a genius.

Mal Havoc

Complete and utter insanity...I LOVE it!! \m/

The Pandemonium Shadow Show

This is what scrolling through social media sounds like



ley y desorden

Love the lyrics

Horatio Trismegistus

This song has a peanut allergy, and that's why pb & j sandwiches don't sit well after eating, whilst listening, after one hour of peaceful silence... Silence is both an absence of communication as well as a variation on the theme of having communication going on despite the lack of sounds or verbal symbols (aka, words), but relying more on body language which may account for the majority of our signals being sent out anyway.

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