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Sack of Shit
Naked City Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Naked City:

Blood Duster We are at the summit of the highest mountain We are…
Bonehead Rooaaaaaarr yieeeahh aaaaahhh yoohhh heeeaay Roooooarrrr…

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Comments from YouTube:


does anyone have the tabs for this song? i also love the lyrics, the guy on vocals has such a way with words

Juan Zurita

"John Coltrane" is one of the best jazz musicians in history, he influenced most of jazz players today.


Holy crap! Yamatsuka Eye and Mike Patton must do an album together!!!!


I love this shit. Though I'll admit....if I would've watched this a couple years ago, I would have probably hated it with a passion. My love for music like Naked City is born out of being totally borned with the normal, reprocessed and repacked garbage that passes for good "music" nowadays.


This is brilliant! Love naked city. Absinthe/Leng T'che best album


yamasutka eyes vocals are absolutley amazing !


I love how the audience clap politely at the end

Koko Ricky

Eh, it's apples and oranges. They're both great. I want Zappa for humorous lyrics and quality musicianship, I want Zorn for unpredictable freeform madness.

Sarah Empie

every time i hear this it's like the first time

mark simmons

I have it on good authority that this band is financially backed by 'the company' (cia) - their recordings have proven so effective as torture devices that Naked City has a running open ended contract to play Guantánamo Bay in an area affectionately called "the disco". During the band's breaks, "I Love You" by Barney the Purple Dinosaur is put on endless repeat at volumes approaching 130db. Interrogators prefer live performers because they can "play to the crowd" or "ramp up" when necessary.

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