Slaves to the Grind
Nasum Lyrics

Pulling the weight
On our shoulders
Finding the strength
The lost will-power

Turning the wheel
Panting for new air
Accepting the deal
Staying strong for the slaves
Slaves to the grind!

Pushing forward inch by inch
A slow and painful process
Harder and harder, even faster
A great and wonderful progress

We're pulling the weight
We're turning the wheel
We're slaves to the grind

We're finding the strength
We're accepting the deal
We're slaves to the grind


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Comments from YouTube:


I actually laughed out loud here. Watch a clip from a band 99% of the human population would call "unlistenable noise" and it's labeled as "overproduced". Nasum is fucking awesome. Just because there is more extreme, heaver stuff out there doesn't mean this is overproduced. Not to me anyway, call me what you want. It's not a contest.

Sheriff Dawe



kick ass

Raen Boow

Why does nearly all my friends like this? Why don't I like this? Something must be wrong with me, I don't understand! D:

Thomas Grahn

Because its to brutal for you?


so nasum was an easy listening band.......and yacopsae are mainstream shit....right?

Chris Hodge

You pretend like Nasum fans don't listen to other grind bands. Yeah there is more groove than grind in Helvete, whats your point?