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This is the mystic, nostalgic soul of Pisces the Fish
It's a water sign
Ruled by the planet Neptune
Dates, February twenty-first to March twenty-second

Pisces people are very affectionate
They need love so dearly
They, they can become very lackadaisical
They are dreamers, mystic
Love to sleep

Love children, as many as a dozen
The more, the happier, the merrier

They are extremely artistic
This also considered to be
One of the other schizophrenious signs of the solar system
Upstream downstream
Fish swim verily
Chicken of the sea, Pisces

Unpredictable, extremely moody
Easy to become to confused
But they are good home makers
Good nurses, singers
Have a tremendous amount of humour
Very sensible
The world can be wrong and they can be right
They need to be
Extremely sweet
So sweet they are like
The plantation where all the sugar grows

Pisces people
Can do when they want to
But they very seldom want to
Because they dream
And they believe in
"Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home."

But once they begin to move
They can become quicker, and more positive
Than the naked eye

Pisces the fish
Needs strength
Their mates: Cancer
Mates: Scorpio
Very attractive to Aquarius as well as Aries
They needs someone strong because
They cannot depend on themselves
Because of their dreams
Because of
"Sweet chariot"

If you want affection
If you want devotion, and loyalty
Catch a fish
It's Pisces


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