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Young Hearts
by Natasha Thomas

Friday night
She's dynamite
She's all dressed up to go
Putting on her make-up in the backseat of a taxi
He said he would wait but she's getting there late
She was the last to know
Finding her boy in the arms of her best friend
Said it was forever
Now she cries in the rain
Will no one ever love her again

Young girl don't cry
Save your tears for next time
Young hearts don't die
Don't you know why
Young girl don't lie
Save your love for someone
That don't make you cry
Young hearts like yours
Don't die

A boy's in love
But his angel from above
Had things she never told him
She can't stop messing trespassing every
Border tonight
Tears were cried
And lies were lied
But life goes on for sure
Another young heart's broken
Like many other ones before
Alone in the cold night
She cries in the rain
Will no one ever love her again


But life's got surprises
And you might not be without
Love can hit you like a fire
In a smile when he turns around


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