Mourning Son
Navarro Dave Lyrics

She gave herself to me
She's gone away from me
Where is the heartbeat coming from?
Lost is the heartbeat where I come from
Lie awake when the morning comes
And I taste the fear
I can't live on the breath you take
But I still feel you
Where is the heartbeat coming from?
Lost is the heartbeat where I come from

Say goodnight to the mourning son
I'll say goodbye to you sleeping one

Please don't leave if I don't trust you
I'm alone for now
If I told you I was bottle-fed
Would you nurse me?
Where is the heartbeat coming from?
Lost is the heartbeat where I come from

Dreamer of the dream

Say goodnight to the mourning son
I'll say goodbye to you sleeping one
One day she'll die for you mourning son
One day I'll lie with you sleeping one


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J Leo

Kaleigh Sullivan, wow.

"My dad passed a few months ago. And sometimes I get angry that the world doesn't care."

I lost my g-ma on my dads side in Feb. 02. Lost my dad a few months later.
Oct. 5th, 2003 my mum shot her dog, then herself.

What you wrote certainly made me stop & ponder about all of us left behind.
It is so sad, because you're right, the world doesn't care.
But all we have is each other. You & your family will keep your fathers memory alive. I obviously didn't know your dad, but if he was anything like mine, I'm sure he was a man worth more than any money could buy.
Thank you for sharing this. It truly touched me. I hope all is well with you & yours.

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Heidi De Leon

I lost my mother to my my father in 1995....Murder destroyed me too......but im a survivor now!! I was 14 when she was murdered....all my views of life was shattered and i ended up in prison...on drugs and just went crazy for a but. But at about age 26 i became a activist and starting speaking out about Trauma and what kids go i run a Youth program in South LA....feels good to be a bit of hope for others when they feel there is none to be had anywhere!

kate davenporty

my heart goes out to Dave and his family;what a trauma.

ursula sutcliffe

this should be on netflix. It has good documentary library but not much on domestic violence. hats off for being able to make and relive this. xx

Heide P

I cannot imagine going through this. I just want to hug this poor young man and give him cookies. I listened to his music for years, but I had no idea how much pain he suffered (and is still suffering) because of this horrible and heinous crime. I really hope that making this movie was cathartic and that Dave is in a much better place now.

Andalusian VoodooChild

Love you Dave, such a tragic story yet so brave of you to forge on with such tenacity. Not going to get into a rhetoric of Jesus vs Satan which is total BS .. only the fact you have faced this head on..mad respect and love.

kate davenporty

nice comment :)

Alex Caminiti

I never knew this happened. Man... Dave Navarro... one of my biggest rock guitar influences throughout my entire life as a musician. So much love for this guy. I am not necessarily looking forward to this evidently extremely-dark documentary, but I do look forward to getting a better understanding of someone who has been so vital to my life. Also, for what it's worth... a lot of people have mixed opinions on One Hot Minute, but it is one of my favorite albums and helped shape the course of my life as a musician and producer. Respect.

Greg Lynn

one hot minute was GREAT. WARPED is my favorite RHCP song!!!! (heaviest) hehehe

Melissa Love

Totally agree one of my favourite red hot chilli albums!

James Andrew

+Alex Caminiti One Hot Minute is criminally underrated as an album. I think it's a masterpiece and one of the best rock albums of the 90's.

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