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see you coming around , i dont make a sound , all covered in red its all in your head, we should get out of town , run lets get out now

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of Navy Gangs's song "Elf City Music" depict a sense of secrecy, danger, and a desire for escape. The line "see you coming around, I don't make a sound" suggests a cautious and observant narrator, possibly watching someone who is causing trouble or danger. The phrase "covered in red, it's all in your head" could be interpreted as the singer's realization that danger is surrounding them, visually represented by the color red. This could symbolize violence, chaos, or negative emotions that are all happening within the mind of the person they are observing.

The chorus, "we should get out of town, run let's get out now," reflects the singer's desire to escape the current situation and find safety elsewhere. It signifies a sense of urgency and the need to flee before it's too late. The repetition of the word "out" emphasizes the importance of leaving the current location and finding a new place to start over.

Overall, "Elf City Music" portrays a tense atmosphere where the singer is aware of potential threats and feels the need to leave swiftly in order to avoid any harm or negative experiences.

Line by Line Meaning

see you coming around
I notice your presence and your repeated visits

i dont make a sound
I remain quiet and discreet

all covered in red its all in your head
Your thoughts are fixated on things that are imaginary and unreal

we should get out of town
We should leave this place and escape the current situation

run lets get out now
Quickly, let's go away from here immediately

Written by: M. Tillwick, Navy Gangs

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Carmine Murray

Chesty Puller ?

Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller was a United States Marine Corps officer. Beginning his career fighting guerillas in Haiti and Nicaragua as part of the Banana Wars.
He later served with distinction in
*World War II*
and the *Korean War*
as a senior officer. 

Born: June 26, 1898, Virginia

Died: October 11, 1971, Hampton, VA

Awards: Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Purple Heart, More

Place of burial: Christchurch Parish Cemetery, Christ Church, VA

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John Schrab

As a ten year Marine I just want to thank the Navy for their Corpsman and traditions.


Few of my friends served as Riflemen in the Corps, and each of them have only expressed great things about the Corpsmen embedded into their unit while they were downrange. It really put into perspective the relationship between "Doc" and Grunts, and I'm incredibly thankful my friends had people like that in their unit to take care of them.

Bo Didley

Green side doc is as much a jarhead as any marine. They’re an invaluable team member.

Anthony Gennaro

Our pleasure Leatherneck....your welcome for the ride!

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