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Dark Hole | Nigel Richards
Naw-T-Boy Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Naw-T-Boy:

I Don't Want U Did you get what you want? Do you know what it…
In My Dreams Maybe I didn't treat you Quite as good as I should Maybe…
Long Time Did you tell the truth Did you look them in the…
Missing Don't panic No, not yet I know I'm the one you want…
Two Months Off Yea 2021 no more situationships With petty women who be stay…

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Comments from YouTube:

Tribe of Trees

lmfaoooooo this man Bobby is too real! that cookie shit got me rolling lol great lecture, preciate You and this channel!

kendra marie

I love him lol

Beautiful Sungoddess

Lmao at a rat can grow in yo damn colon.

Oliver Christopher

the decoding begins people , the endless knowledge path is being pushed upon you by divine force .. i accept this,  hope Y'all do to

Kwasi Ra El

Only thing I have ever have disagreed with Bobby is his diet. This is FIRE!!!

Quake SRK

@Kwasi Ra El Oh. Damn

Kwasi Ra El

@Quake SRK He became a diabetic & that is why he became unable to walk also i believe.

Quake SRK

Is it because he is fat or something else?

Bubblegum 1

37:50....on, for the next couple of minutes, really blew my fucking mind away. i haven't watched this video in a while, and decided to watch this again, after a few months. i can't believe i missed this epic 3 minute segment - where he talks about the "epidural shot" and what false pretense....that procedure is REALLY covering up (cloning of a new born baby).

Bubblegum 1

supreme1  - You're absolutely right.
I been hearing about it for the longest time but have never linked it, either...yet it's been right in front of my face.
They know how through 'social conditioning', program people to be oblivious to things.

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