Nazia Hassan & Zoheb Hassan Lyrics

जानां ज़िंदगी से ना जाना
प्यार का यह ख़ज़ाना लूट ना जाए कहीं

जानां हम रहेगे तुम्हारे
हैं जब तक सितरे है जब तक ज़मीन

दुनिया सारी दे कर ले लू
मैं तेरा प्यार यह प्यार प्यार

साथ हो जो तेरे जेसा
क्या करना संसार संसार
ज़मीन है क्या जो तू कहे
मैं चाँद पे तेरे साथ चल रहा हूँ

जानां ज़िंदगी से ना जाना (जानां)
प्यार का यह ख़ज़ाना लूट ना जाए कहीं
जानां हम रहेगे तुम्हारे
हैं जब तक सितारे है जब तक ज़मीन

मेरे जीवन मैं तेरे गीतो की झंकार झंकार

तेरे संग मैं अंगारूँ पर चलने को तय्यार तय्यार
तुम दूर हो हज़ार ग़म तुम पास हो तो मुझे हर खुशी

जानां ज़िंदगी से ना जाना (जानां ज़िंदगी से ना जाना)
प्यार का यह ख़ज़ाना लूट ना जाए कहीं (प्यार का यह ख़ज़ाना लूट ना जाए कहीं)
हो जानां हम रहेगे तुम्हारे (हो जानां हम रहेगे तुम्हारे)
हैं जब तक सितारे है जब तक ज़मीन (हैं जब तक सितारे है जब तक ज़मीन)




Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: BIDDU, SAMEER, Sameer Anjaan

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Jamil Ahmed

Zoheb hassan's voice is so different here from his voice in coke studio.. He's got this innocence in his voice here.. But Nazia hassan wins this song

Santanu Sengupta

Her voice was far advanced than the era she belongs...was one of my favorite and will remain for ever......music has no boundaries...RIP Nazia

Ahmad Ali

@Bukari Bukari what's the point of disagreement???....Since I already commented that Nazia's vocals are unmatched with any singer since she had the most distinctive melodious vocals for Pop singing. Biddu firstly introduced his compositions in sub continent with Nazia And Hassan since he was already established music composer in Europe with his English language compositions, soundtracks and symphonies with then established English singers of UK in early 70's. Feroze Khan gave Bidu the platform form for composing Aap jesa koi for his movie Qurbani and the song went on viral in whole of Asia and whole world where Urdu/hindi was understood. Even that Year Nazia Hassan won the filmfare award for best playback female singer for the same song whereas in the nominees even Lata and other established singers of Indian film industry were in the queue too. Since Aap jesa Koi in Qurbani was a massive and very huge hit and the most played song of early 80's we the Indians and Pakistanis were also introduced with the true disco beat POP song first ever in an indian movie. Though Alamgir and Shekie were singing POP songs in Pakistan through their solo performances on TV in early 70"s i.e. Dekha Na tha by Alamgir etc.
Yes since we all are still under the spell of Nazia Hassan's songs and her heavenly beauty as she was the most prettiest, attractive yet so elegant and graceful stylish singer of sub continent too. I don't remember any female singer till this day in Sub continent is as pretty, charming and graceful stylish as Nazia Hassan was. We all are die hard fans of Nazia Hassan

ameelia ramotar

@Ahmad Ali .🙏❤😥☪️🕉✝️👍👍👍

Tinku Roy

Yes I agree

Ahmad Ali

Santana you rightly said these two voices i.e. of Nazia and Hassan Zohaib were ahead of its time but yet so much melodious and melancholic yet very heart touching... Nazia's vocal quality is still so different no other singer can has such level of softness, smoothness and yes melodiousness when it comes to pop singing in whole of Asia or even in many sub continents....but yes apart from the vocals we all can't forget legendery Biddu who gave these sister and brother the recognition with his then out of the blue and way ahead of its time composition in movie "Star" and Qurbani....Biddu composed 90% of Nazia and Zohaib's music pop albums both for Pakistan and India and he made them legends becuae of his eternal music beats... Now we have all that music left of these legends which we and our generation of 80's and 90's can never forget and will always admire and listen

Sanikka Padalikar

Santanu Sengupta True.

Maximo MG

This song was Featured in Indian Movie 🎥 “Star ⭐️ " Which was Produced by Biddu (Composer of Nazia and Zohaib Album) . It was also Kumar Gaurav’s First Movie 🎥 in Bollywood . Biddu Asked Zohaib to Work as Hero but He Preferred to Work as a Playback Singer 🎤 because he was more in Love and confident in Playback Singing. Zohaib laughed and told Biddu “ Don’t take risk at me for your film 🎞.. unless you may encounter Eggs 🥚 or Tomatoes "🍅. Eventually the Role was Offered to Kumar Gaurav on Request of Legendary Rajender Kumar (Kumar Gaurav’s Father)


Unforgettable. Since childhood I have been listening to these songs & will keep on listening to these unforgettable songs till my last, hopefully. Nazia, Zoheb and Biddu will remain stars, for ever.

Skyler XD

I grow up listening to these songs and will do so till my last breath Biddu,Nazia,zoheb are real stars

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